new Covid-19 cases

16,533 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Thailand


Thailand confirmed 16, 533 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday morning, pushing the country’s total tally to 543,361.

The death toll, meanwhile, continues to climb to 4,397 with 133 new fatalities.

The Public Health Ministry said the 16,331 new Covid-19 cases are from the general population and 202 among prison inmates.

Total recoveries also rose to 360, 694 after more people defeated the illness.

new Covid-19 cases
FULLY VACCINATED. Ivy Garay, a Filipino teacher, got her 2nd dose of AztraZeneca vaccine in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

On Tuesday, July 27, Thailand recorded the following data:

  • New cases: 14,150
  • Total cases: 526, 828
  • New deaths: 118
  • Total deaths: 4, 264
  • Total Recoveries: 350, 623

On July 17, the number of daily Covid-19 fatalities reached a new high of 144.

According to Bangkok Post, the previous peak was 15,376 new illnesses which was reported on Monday.

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