Covid-19 in Thailand

Can this be a second wave of Covid-19 in Thailand?


Just as we we were about to let out a sigh of relief, Thailand is back into a frenzy of worry once again. Can this be a second wave of Covid-19 in Thailand?

After days of zero cases, a coronavirus-infected soldier from Egypt  breached self-quarantine protocols to go to a mall during a stopover in Rayong.

According to authorities, there were a thousand people who were in the Passione Shopping Destination on Saturday, July 11, when the group of Egyptians visited the mall. At least 394 of them are now being summoned by the Ministry of Public Health to get tested for Covid-19 infection.

Consequently, all 127 schools in the province are now closed anew, just barely two weeks after the opening of classes. Reports say tourists are now cancelling hotel bookings for their upcoming trips for the long weekends. People are retreating into lockdown mode, yet again.

Locals are enraged. Pinoy expatriates are worried.

This can hurt us once again

One man’s blunder has created a domino effect. This can also affect many of us, Filipino workers, here in the kingdom.

With the re-closing of schools, there will be possibilities of ‘no work, no pay’ again. This is a terrible scenario knowing that there have been lots of cases like this for the past three or four months.

There is a noticeable Filipino community in Rayong. Let’s all hope and pray that none of them was in close contact with those Egyptians by that time.

Some of us may have booked hotels and scheduled a travel off to the beaches of Rayong province for the upcoming long holiday. I believe it’s time to rebook or reschedule the trip to a later date.

Could this be a possibility of second wave of infection that is looming over us like a dark cloud? We can only pray that it isn’t.

For the meantime, let’s continue to take care of ourselves and follow the rules set by the government for everyone’s safety.

Let’s protect ourselves and others from Covid-19

Let’s keep educating ourselves by asking questions and listening to information from reliable sources. Remember, however, to be aware of false information and misconceptions, transmitted verbally or online. Let’s not be a source of ‘fake news’ ourselves.

Let’s wash our hands often with soap and water and carry a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol wherever we go. Proper hygiene is the key to beat Covid-19 head on.

The best way to protect ourselves is to avoid exposure to this virus. We have done a great job staying at home these past three months. Can we extend that a little more? Remember: social distancing.

If going out is the only option,  let’s never forget to wear our protective masks. It isn’t only to protect us but also to protect others and our families.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Covid-19 virus carriers are often unaware of the symptoms. This is the reason why it is important to heed the call to stay home in order to avoid transmission and to submit ourselves into quarantine if symptoms appear.

Lastly, let’s join hands (figuratively) together in knocking the heaven’s door that this pandemic will end now, not only in Thailand but the whole world, so we can go back to our normal routines and execute our shelved plans.

If prayers can move mountains, we might haven’t prayed enough.

Keep safe, tu khun (everybody) krup!

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Photo: Students of Kanlayaneesithammarat School during the opening of classes earlier this month taken by Teacher Geraldine Pugoy.

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