Cannabis-related business

Cannabis-related business exclusive for Thai nationals


Only Thai citizens who are 20 years old or above can engage in cannabis-related business, the Cannabis Special Committee said on Friday, June 24.

The committee also specified that the business owner has never been convicted for cases related to illegal substances.

The spokesperson of the special committee, Panthep Puaphongphan, said in a meeting that cannabis-related business owners must be Thai nationals who currently live in Thailand and are at least 20 years old in order to engage in any type of business, including production, import, or export.

Cannabis-related business
Photo: Topparadit Rueangrit

In addition they must not be bankrupt and be in good physical and mental condition, Mr. Pantep stated.

Other than a transitional chapter on the crimes of cannabis and hemp in the past, they must never have received a jail sentence for drug-related offences.

The spokesperson added that prisoners detained in drug-related cases may do the business if they have been released for at least three years.

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