Sports Day

PHOTOS: Adorable Filipino kids join Thai Sports Day

Sports Day is definitely back in Thailand! Sports Day is one of the most exciting and…

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Teaching job

Teaching job opens for a Filipino Teacher in Phitsanulok

A teaching job is open for a Filipino English teacher, who can start working immediately in…

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Consular Services

Consular fees in Bangkok PE are about to rise anew

Consular fees are rising this year, just like everything else. Starting July 5, the renewal of…

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Pinoy Teachers

Pinoy teachers in Nakhonsawan showcase culture in Independence Day show

The Filipino teachers at Lasalle Chotiravi School in Nakhonsawan celebrated Philippine Independence Day with traditional Pinoy…

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Cafes in Phitsanulok

Top 10 Cafes in Phitsanulok You Shouldn’t Miss

I really love visiting different places and cafes. When I came to Thailand, I captured every…

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Cannabis-related business

Cannabis-related business exclusive for Thai nationals

Only Thai citizens who are 20 years old or above can engage in cannabis-related business, the…

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mask rule

Thailand formally repeals mask rule

The mandatory mask rule in all public areas has been repealed by the Thai government in…

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Philippine Embassy in Bangkok

Philippine Embassy in Thailand stops request letters for Thai visa extension

The Philippine Embassy in Thailand will no longer grant request letters to the Thai Immigration Bureau…

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P'lok Pinoyz

P’lok Pinoyz reactivates, celebrates independence day

In celebration of the 124th Philippine Independence Day, the Filipino Council of Phitsanulok (P’lok Pinoyz) gathered…

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Overseas Voting


The Philippine Embassy in Bangkok has released an advisory on overseas voting, particularly regarding watchers for…

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