Chiang Khan Sky Walk

Chiang Khan Sky Walk: A Must-Visit Attraction in Loie


Here’s another reason to visit Loie Province: the Chiang Khan Sky Walk.

Known by the locals as “Sky Walk Phu Khong Ngeo,” this newest attraction is found at Ban Tha Dee Mi, Pak Tom Subdistrict, Chiang Khan, District, Loie Province.

The skywalk extends to a height of 80 meters, equivalent to a 30-storey building, over the Mekong River.

The walkway is built of translucent glass and is about 100 meters long and two meters wide. It has three circular stops, each offering a different panoramic view of the scenery.

Scared of heights? Fear not, because the edifice has a sturdy steel grating that supports it. It passed the high standards of security and tightness before it finally opened on December 1, 2020, with a total budget of 28.6 million from the government.

Another added attraction is a huge Buddha image in a blessing posture made of fiber mixed with gold resin. It stands at 19 meters long.

Tourists can also enjoy the view of the Mekong River and the Huang River along the Thai-Laos coast.

Tips when traveling to Chiang Khan Sky Walk

Here are personal tips by Juan Claudio shared on his personal blog: It’s Me

  • Use a shuttle service (songthaew) for 20 baht/person to get to the place.
  • Buy stuffs like food and drinks before going up. There are a few stores to none around the vicinity.
  • Upon reaching the entrance, secure a color or number ticket.
  • Pay for a foot/shoe cover for 30 baht before going up the skywalk.
  • The queue is long, so patience is a must.
  • Promenade is done by batch based on color coding. It is wise for foreigners to get familiar with colors in Thai language.
  • Visitors must keep their valuables close. It can get windy sometimes.

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