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Consular fees in Bangkok PE are about to rise anew


Consular fees are rising this year, just like everything else.

Starting July 5, the renewal of passport in the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok will rise 180 baht, the embassy announced last week. The price for the first time or renewal will now be 2,220 baht. The payment in US dollars will remain at 60.

The consulate advisory published on June 20, 2022, said the latest revision of consular fees will take effect 15 days after its release.

The extension of validity of a passport will be ฿925 or $25, while the replacement of a lost passport will cost ฿5,550 or $150. A travel document will cost ฿1,110 or $30.

Meanwhile, the fees for notarial and other miscellaneous services will also increase.

The solemnization of marriage will now cost ฿2,220 or $60, while the application fee for a marriage license will be ฿1,850 or $50. The certification of legal capacity to contract marriage will cost ฿925 or $25 per person, while the service fee for the report of marriage will be ฿925 or $25.

The consular service fees for reports of birth, reports of death, affidavits, and special power of attorney will cost ฿925 or $25. The same amount ฿925 or $25 will be collected for acknowledgment, certification, a certified true copy of the document and authentication.

Here’s the full list of the revised consular fees:

Consular Fees

Source: Embassy of the Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand

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