Covid-19 numbers

Covid-19 numbers in Thailand hit high anew with 17,669 new cases


Thailand’s daily Covid-19 numbers hit a new high on Thursday with 17,669 infections pushing the total to 561,030 cases.

In total, 17,408 infections were reported in the general community, with 261 cases among convicts.

The Public Health Ministry also announced that total Covid-19 numbers for recoveries climbed to 370,492 after 9,798 more patients recovered from the illness.

Meanwhile,165 new fatalities brought the death toll to 4,562.

Covid-19 numbers

On Wednesday, July 28, Thailand recorded the following Covid-19 data:

  • New cases: 16,533
  • Total cases: 543,361
  • New deaths: 133
  • Total deaths: 4,397
  • Total Recoveries: 360,694

On July 17, the previous high for daily Covid-19 fatalities was 141.

Source: Bangkok Post

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