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Filipina teacher in Bangkok needs help


A Filipina teacher in Thailand needs our help.

Joan Butic, a teacher based in Bangkok, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour that requires immediate removal surgery on Monday, July 5.

Butic will need a total amount of 350,000 baht for the surgery. Only a total amount of 50,000 baht will be covered by the insurance.

According to another Filipina teacher Emerald Grace Lepago, a friend who started a fund raising campaign in airfunding, Butic had been trying to sustain herself for months before she was diagnosed with the mass in her brain due to her school’s policy of “No Work, No Pay.”

Aside from the surgery fee, Butic will need extra amount of money to support her medications and other miscellaneous expenses, hence Lepago calls for help.

Those who wish to extend assistance to Filipina teacher, Joan Butic, you may send your cash donations to these details below:

  • Joan Butic
  • Kasikorn Bank
  • 0461479979

Original Post at Airfunding

Please refer below for the post shared at airfunding:

Hello everyone, my name is Emerald Grace Lepago, and I want to help my friend, Joan Butic (pictured above), who was recently diagnosed with a mass in her brain that needs to be removed by surgery as soon as possible. We both work as teachers living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since the pandemic started, some schools have started to suspend classes, and her school was one of them. Because of this and the their school’s policy of “No Work, No Pay,” she has been struggling to support herself for months before she was diagnosed with the mass in her brain. She was told by the hospital that she needed to prepare 350,000 baht for the surgery (10,927.60 in dollars). Although she has insurance, it would only cover 50,000 ($1,561.09) of the expenses.

I and our friends at our church, and her family have extended financial help, but still, it’s not enough to cover all the expenses. As is common knowledge, teachers’ salaries are not that high, so this is a huge problem for her. Furthermore, she is living alone and her family is not here to support her in the best way possible.

We know that after the surgery, she will still have to spend some time in the hospital to recover, and there will be more expenses for her medication and other miscellaneous fees. We are also thinking of ways on how to take care of her during her recovery period after the surgery.

She has already deposited an amount so that the surgery would be scheduled, and thankfully, her schedule is on July 5, 2021.

If you can join us in helping her financially in this difficult time, we would deeply be grateful. I know that the pandemic is sweeping the world right now, and people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. But I’m still deciding to post this here, as we are trying our best to do what we can for our friend.  Any amount would mean a lot and will help cover her hospital expenses and daily provisions.

I would also be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

You can also send help through airfunding by following this link: I want to help my friend to have brain surgery.

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