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Former teacher in Thailand receives community service award in the USA


A former English teacher in Thailand has been recognized in the USA for his outstanding leadership in community service.

Juan Carlo D. Antonio, a former president of Saint Nicholas Foreign Community (SNCFC) in Phitsanulok, was conferred Outstanding Leadership in Community Service by the United Federation of Fil-Am Educators, USA, on Sunday, July 10.

The United Federation of Filipino-American Educators is a group of educators who share the vision of dedicating their skills to promoting teaching excellence and performing community service through initiatives that will benefit their communities in the USA and the Philippines.

In a Facebook post, Donato recalls his experience being president of the organization, whose members are mostly Filipino teachers working in Thailand.

He wrote, “I have learned that success is not being measured by your salary, educational attainment, branded clothes and bags, among others.” “It actually taught me that success is useless if it’s not meant to be shared for the glory of others. “

community service

Donato further shares that charity is love personified.

“I personally believe that being charitable to others is a lasting gift in our lives, which is a manifestation of real love.” “Remember, the time we shared ourselves with other people, that is the time that we really started living a life of love,” he said.

He added that the true meaning of charity is not all about doling out but “how we interact with them (the recipients) is how they will remember us in the coldness of the night.”

Before moving to the USA last year, Juan Carlo Antonio was an English teacher at Naresuan University University Demonstration School in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

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