forty lessons

Forty Lessons: Reflections On My 40th Birthday


Forty years. Forty lessons.

I turned 40 last month.To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. There’s this part of me who wants to cling on to my thirties. Forty sounds so grown up…so old! But whether I like it or not, the reality tells me that I have to bid my thirties goodbye.

This transition period somehow overwhelmed me. It felt enormous. I was a little too emotional a week prior to my birthday. I reflected on the things that transpired over the past years, asked  myself if I have done something significant and tried to find answers on whereto from hereon.

And while it feels surreal, I have decided to embrace the forty-year-old me with arms wide open. I may not know what lies ahead but I am certain that the sum of all the good and bad experiences has FORTYfied me to confront the future head on.

forty lessons

Digging deeper into my inner self, here are the forty lessons I’ve learned for the past forty years.

  1. Love yourself. It’s the greatest love of all.
  2. Go out and sweat. Health is wealth.
  3. Age is just a number. It isn’t too late to pursue new goals.
  4. Travel. It nourishes the soul and rejuvenates love for life.
  5. Now is the best time to invest.
  6. Pray and believe. Faith can move mountains.
  7. It isn’t about the quantity but the quality of friends you have.
  8. Disassociate yourself with toxic people. Life is short.
  9. Never explain yourself. You don’t owe people one.
  10. Karma is real. We reap what we sow.
  11. Let your parents know you love them.
  12. Set a goal. It is a guiding path towards the future.
  13. When it’s easy money, it’s a scam.
  14. Triumph doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a product of constant practice.
  15. Success is relative. Don’t let the success of others define yours.
  16. People try to bring you down because you are on top.
  17. The future is uncertain but God’s promises never fail.
  18. Successful people let their actions speak louder than their words.
  19. Forgive. But never forget those people who came running to you when they were downtrodden but keep you out in their lives once they saw a bit of sunshine. Life’s a wheel. Nothing stays the same.
  20. Be authentic. No matter how you try to pretend to be someone you’re not, your GENUINE self will eventually come out!
  21. The future belongs to those who dream and work for it.
  22. Believe that the Lord has plans to prosper you. He will give you future and a hope.
  23. There is a higher being up there who listens to your unspoken prayers. Have faith.
  24. Never allow negativity to hinder you reaching the great things you are meant to achieve!
  25. I grow up with nothing so appreciate every little thing I have.
  26. Never forget the people who were with you at your lowest point.
  27. Poverty is not a hindrance to success.
  28. It pays to be kind.
  29. Learn to say no.
  30. Treat yourself to a beauty treatment once in a while.
  31. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.
  32. Take time to connect with family.
  33. Plant a fruit tree, you’ll have something to harvest in the coming years.
  34. Respect is earned. You can never impose it to anyone.
  35. Success comes only to those who are willing to work for it.
  36. Great things start from small beginnings.
  37. Laugh. It is the best medicine.
  38. “Me” time is important. It reconnects you to your inner self.
  39. Maintain a grateful heart.
  40. Once in a while we need to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

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