hotel rates hike

Gov’t pushes for hotel rates hike among foreigners


THAILAND. Hotel rates hike is looming in Thailand.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry intends to urge hotel owners to create a dual-tariff system so that guests from other countries may be taxed at pre-pandemic levels of prices, the Bangkok Post reported.

The planned move is to support a speedy recovery of the tourism industry in Thailand.

Government spokeswoman Traisuree Taisaranakul said in a statement that the plan aims to “maintain our standards of rates and services for foreign tourists, which affects the perception of the country’s tourism brand.”

hotel rates hike

No immediate response has been made by the hotel operators, but the ministry and the Tourism Authority of Thailand plan to hold meetings with the Hotel Association of Thailand about the dual pricing proposal.

Meanwhile, locals won’t be affected by the hotel rates hike as they “will continue to enjoy discounted rates,” the spokeswoman stated.

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