Filipino Teachers in Thailand

Mabuhay Filipino Teachers in Thailand!


Here’s for all  the Filipino teachers in Thailand!

According to 2017 data from Thailand’s Department of Employment, at least 14,000 Filipinos have found their niche in the kingdom, embarking on careers in business, management, engineering, and most commonly, education.

In 2019, more than 23,000 Filipino teachers have been employed in different levels of Thai schools teaching varied subjects such as English, math, science, social studies, health education, and many others (Dumlao & Tepsuriwong, 2019). To date, the numbers continue to grow notwithstanding tight travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

The diaspora of Pinoy teachers to the various provinces of Thailand dates back to as early as 2000. The reasons for these teachers’ leaving the country have always been the same: to pursue better employment, improve their lifestyle, avoid unemployment in the Philippines, and earn higher wages.

Despite numerous workplace challenges, such as salary disparities between NES and Filipino teachers and language and cultural barriers (Frederiksen, 2014), Pinoy teachers remain steadfast and committed to performing the tasks expected of them by their respective institutions. They rose against homesickness and withstood unscathed by the harsh realities of depression for the sake of their children’s future and for their family’s goals and aspirations.

This blog is dedicated to all the Filipino teachers in Thailand who continue to triumph against the adversities of their professional and personal lives. Our struggles are real, and our victories are meant to inspire. Here’s to us who continue to shape the hearts and minds of the future generations of Thailand!  

Our stories deserve to be shared and heard. Khun Kru Pinoy is our story.

Mabuhay tayong mga Pinoy Teachers dito sa Thailand!

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