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Nine seek medical help after cannabis overdose


Nine people have sought medical attention at three hospitals in Bangkok for cannabis overdose since marijuana was decriminalised on June 9, Thailand’s Department of Medical Services reported.

According to Dr. Manas Phothaporn, deputy director-general of the department, the cases were linked to both excessive intake of food containing marijuana and recreational cannabis usage.

The department told Bangkok Post the symptoms were categorised into three depending on which system of the body the effects of cannabis hit most.

Symptoms of cannabis overdose

Dr. Phothaporn said that the most typical neurological sign of cannabis overdose was dizziness, while the effects on blood vessels and the heart included an extremely rapid heartbeat and a fluctuating pulse.

Some of these nine individuals showed signs of too much cannabis in the digestive system, such as vomiting, he claimed.

The deputy director added that part of the cause of cannabis overdose was due to cooks who intentionally put marijuana to meals in an effort to improve flavor while customers were unaware they were doing so.

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