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PHOTOS: Adorable Filipino kids join Thai Sports Day


Sports Day is definitely back in Thailand!

Sports Day is one of the most exciting and anticipated days of the year for Thai students. Yes, everyone looks forward to these days, whether they are in elementary school, high school, or university.

As with pre-school, let’s leave the excitement to the parents. Of course, parents love to see their children in fabulous outfits and costumes.

After all, Thai Sports Day extends beyond athletic events. In fact, it’s more about the cheering, costumes, marching bands, and parades!

Saint Nicholas School in Phitsanulok held its two-day sports day recently, and these Filipino kids never fail to melt hearts.

Aren’t they all the cutest? I’m sure these photos just made you swoon over this bunch of cuties!

Hurray! Pinoy kiddos are on their way!

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