Ulam: Main Dish

Pinoy film “Ulam: Main Dish” set to screen at RU Asean film fest


THAILAND. Ulam: Main Dish, a documentary film about Filipino cuisine, is set to be screened in Bangkok this week.

The film is one of the five Southeast Asian culinary-themed movies to be featured during the ASEAN Film Festival and Conference 2022 on July 20 and 21, organized by Ramkhamhaeng University’s Faculty of Mass Communication.

Written, produced, and directed by Filipino-American Alexandra Cuerdo, ULAM: Main Dish presents a new culinary revolution as not just a significant triumph for American restaurateurs, but also as an affirmation of Filipino culture.

The film explores concerns inherent in expressing both Filipino and American identities, as well as challenges from both the Filipino community and the world at large.

Ulam: Main Dish

Pinoy chefs in Ulam: Main Dish

The line-up of Filipino chefs featured in the film includes Alvin Cailan, Nicole Ponseca, Miguel Trinidad, Romy Dorotan, Amy Besa, Johneric Concordia, Christine Araquel-Concordia, Charles Olalia, Chase Valencia, Chad Valencia, and Andre Guerrero, who are all based in the United States.

Ahead of its screening in Bangkok, Ulam: Main Dish has been ranked by MSN as one of the “Top 5 Food Documentaries to Watch” now. It had its sold-out world premiere as one of five films in Launch at the San Francisco International Film Festival in April 2018, and has continued to play sold-out screenings at festivals in Hawaii, San Diego, Newport Beach, and Los Angeles, and has been selected as the Closing Night film for the 2018 Asian American International Film Festival in New York City.

The director, Alexandra Cuerdo, was named one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World by the Filipina Women’s Network.

The film is scheduled for screening on July 21 at 9:30 a.m. at Ramkhamhaeng University’s Sukothai Building.

Other films scheduled to be screened are “Aruna & Her Palate” (Indonesia), “Ramen Teh” (Singapore), “Rakna Soup Soup” (Thailand), and “Let’s Eat!” – a joint Malaysian-Singaporean production.

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