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Craving for Pinoy goods and foods?

There is something unique about Filipino tastebuds that we cannot seem to satisfy whenever we are away from home. Thailand has some of the best known foods in the world, but we Filipinos still crave for chicken adobo, sinigang, and kare-kare.

The supermarkets have a wide array of canned goods, chips, and snacks to choose from, but the Pinoy blood in us drives us to crave for Argentina Corned Beef, Sky Flakes, Chippy, Nova, Pee Wee, Boy Bawang, and so many more.

It’s a good thing that here in Thailand, there are several Pinoy entrepreneurs that cater to these needs. For one, if a Filipino craves authentic Pinoy food, he can simply visit Toto Inasal, or Lola’s Kitchen in Bangkok, or cook since most ingredients are available here in Thai markets. If he fancies corned beef or meat loaf for breakfast, there are several online sari-sari stores that he can order from.

Last year, I found Pinoy Goodies and Pera Padala Thailand. It is an online store that sells goods imported from the Philippines. It also offers a baht to peso remittance service. I have been a constant customer since my first purchase.

Pinoy goods

Available pinoy goods

On their Facebook page, you will see the available products right away. Their list of products ranges from snacks and crackers, such as Tortillos, Piattos, and Nagaraya, to canned goods, such as Purefoods corned beef, 555 Tuna in different flavors, and Ligo sardines. Other available pinoy goods include Lucky Me instant noodles and pancit canton, colognes, beauty soaps, soy sauce, and the list goes on and on.

What I like about them is that they indicate their prices in their posts, so buyers don’t need to send “how much” messages to their messenger. I also like that they respond quickly to inquiries.

They also deliver fast. When you place an order today, your products will arrive in two or three days, depending on which province in Thailand you are from. It is noteworthy how they arrange your Pinoy goods neatly in a box, which comes with an itemized list of all your orders and their prices.

Most importantly, their delivery is reasonable, in fact quite low in comparison to others.I also love that they give freebies. Yep, they give items for free too. Cool, right?

From time to time, they also have items on sale or promos where you can purchase their products at a discounted price. As a matter of fact, they offer free delivery anywhere in Thailand to clients who celebrate their birthdays during this month of July. What a treat!

Pinoy Goods

Pera Padala service

I also have good reviews of their remittance service. I have sent money through them at least twice already, and I have always been satisfied. The money arrived at its destination on the same day I placed my transaction with them. Simply put, they earned my trust and I highly recommend them to those who regularly send baht to peso back to the Philippines.


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