Pinoy Teachers

Pinoy teachers in Nakhonsawan showcase culture in Independence Day show


The Filipino teachers at Lasalle Chotiravi School in Nakhonsawan celebrated Philippine Independence Day with traditional Pinoy music and dances in front of their Thai students.

The teachers performed a traditional Filipino folk dance, Polka sa Nayon, which is a traditional ballroom popularized in the province of Batangas in the Spanish era.

Pinoy Teachers

Teacher Evelyn Daganio gave a brief history of the Philippine Independence to inform students of the importance of the event to the Filipino people.

The finale of the mini-show was a dance interpretation of the song Ako ay Pilipino, by the teachers and selected Thai students.

Filipinos in Nakhonsawan

The Pinoy teachers and the students received resounding applause at the end of their performances.

“Thank you for sharing a little bit of your culture with our students,” the school director said. You gave us a wonderful show, even if the preparation time was limited. We look forward to seeing more in the coming years, “he added.

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