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P’lok Pinoyz reactivates, celebrates independence day


In celebration of the 124th Philippine Independence Day, the Filipino Council of Phitsanulok (P’lok Pinoyz) gathered in Saint Nicholas School, June 12, Sunday.

The event, titled “Pagbubuklod” was held to commemorate the 124th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

The day’s event also honored the past presidents of the organization and the formal assumption of Mr. Kim Patrick Abe as the new P’lok Pinoyz president.

P'lok Pinoyz
P’lok Pinoyz 2022. Miss Shareen Barlomento hands a certificate of recognition to the pioneering Pilok Pinoyz president Leah Doysabas.

The celebration marked as the first P’lok Pinoyz face-to-face event since its long time hiatus due to the pandemic. It ran from 9:30 a.m to 12:00 p.m at Saint Nicholas School – EP Hall in Phitsanulok.

Members of the community showcased their talents through engaging performances. Mr. Carl Joseph Bayabaya led the singing of the national anthem by a violin rendition.

Mr. Pol Kirby Viloria, P’lok Pinoyz PRO, opened the event with a spoken poetry.

Spoken Poetry

Here’s an excerpt of the performance:

“Kalayaan… Kalayaan ng Inang Bayan,

Ang kanilang ipinaglaban, lumaban

Sa madugong pananakop ng mga dayuhan.

Walang alinlangang isinulong ang digmaang

Muli’y huhugasan at dadamitan Ang bayang nilapastangan

At pinagsamantalahan!

Dahil sa pag-ibig. Pag-ibig…

Pag-ibig sa bayan ang siyang puno,

Wari’y pag-ibig rin ang siyang naging dulo…”

Meanwhile, singing duo, May Tanato and Lorenzo Caballes, Jr. gave impromptu performance of Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang.

The part that had the audience up on their feet was the raffle draw. The lucky members took home cash and prizes in kind courtesy of P’lok Pinoyz generous sponsors.

On the other hand, the kids who were present had so much fun playing traditional pinoy games such as piko, tumba-lata and tulin-tulinan.

P'lok Pinoyz
Color Code. The members came to the event in their assigned regional color code: Luzon (White), Visayas (Blue), Mindanao (Red) and P’lok Pinoyz Council 2022 (Yellow).

New prexy enjoins “pagbubuklod”

In his speech, Mr. Kim Patrick Abe enjoined the members to unite and support the forthcoming activities of the council.

“The officers have prepared a list of exciting events for all of us in the coming months.” We ask for your 100% cooperation in these activities, “he said.

To borrow the words of former P’lok Pinoyz president Ryan Rosales, the success of Pilok Pinoyz is  in the hands of its members, not in the officers,” he added.

The event concluded with a traditional Pinoy lunch of pansit, puto and dinuguan.

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