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P’lok studes trained by Pinoy teachers, to represent Thailand in int’l science drama tilt


Phitsanulok, Thailand. A group of high school students from Phitsanulok Pittayakom School-English Program (PPS-EP), trained by two Filipino teachers, will represent Thailand in an international online science drama competition next month.

The story, Hope in the Garbage Sea-ty by the PPS-EP Sea Advocates, is Thailand’s official entry to the Singapore-based International Science Drama Competition 2022-Open Category.

The team from Thailand will be competing against the winning teams from Australia, Brunei, China, Nigeria, Philippines, and Singapore.

National science drama competition 2022

Prior to competing in the international arena, the PPS-EP students bested other teams in Thailand during the online National Science Drama Competition organized by Thailand’s National Science Museum (NSM) in May. The team took home a 15,000 baht cash prize, in addition to a plaque and certificates for winning.

The two lead actresses, Kanticha Nontaleepipat and Lattaparn Kaenchan, won the Outstanding Performer Award and each received 3,000 baht in cash.

This event, now in its 5th year, is organized by the National Science Museum of Thailand along with the Ministry of Higher Education to promote science awareness among the younger Thai generation.

“We desire that everyone realizes the importance of science, technology, and innovation, together with 21st century skills,” NSM said in a statement.

“These skills include (1) the ability to integrate scientific knowledge in order to solve problems or create inventions; (2) the capability to support and work with other people efficiently; and (3) the possession of a good attitude towards science by the general public.”

The national competition kicked off early this year in January. The teams that qualified for the final round were announced in April, while the winners were announced a month later in May.

Other categories in the competition include Science Drama-Junior Category and Short Film.

science drama
SEA CREATURES. The young thespians from Phitsanulok Pittayakom School – English Program and their coaches.

The science drama story

The winning story is based on this year’s international science drama competition theme, “Our Seas and Oceans for the Future.”

Hope in the Garbage Sea-ty is a fictional science drama about marine pollution, written and directed by the team’s coach. The story is composed of three acts with characters inspired by The Little Mermaid.

The songs used in the story are adapted from its musical version, while the storyline is based on an online article published by about marine pollution.

The group from Phitsanulok is composed of eight (8) junior high school and four (4) senior high school students, their two Filipino coaches, and their EP Department Head, Mr. Wachirapong Phunkeson.

Online voting for People’s Choice Award

Meanwhile, the entries from all participating countries will be released by the organizing committee on August 8 and will be available for online voting until August 13, 2022.

The Filipino coaches hope they will get the support of the Pinoy teachers in Thailand.

“I know they will be torn on which group to support, but I’m hoping that they will at least convince their students to support the group from Thailand,” Teacher Mary Joy Benliro told Khun Kru Pinoy.

“If we win, it is also a victory for the Filipino teachers in the kingdom,” she said.

The Grand Finals results will be announced via Zoom on Saturday, August 27, 2022.


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