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How to renew Teaching License in Thailand


The Teachers’ Council of Thailand updated its requirements for teaching license renewal effective 24th of April 2019. The basic qualifications and requirements are listed on its website as follows:


Any foreign teacher who seeks to renew his/her teaching license at the Teachers’ Council of Thailand must:

  • hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in Education field or
  • hold a bachelor’s degree in another field + teaching experience of not less than 5 years or
  • hold lower than bachelor’s degree + teaching experience of not less than 10 years

In addition, it is important to note that the license holder must:

  • present reasonable/authentic documentation of not less than 3 professional  development activities during the 5-year validity period of the license
  • have his/her documents and qualifications duly scrutinized and approved by the school director

  Documents Required:

The applicant must comply the following requirements:

  1. Completed Professional License Renewal Application Form (Form KS. 02) with a 1-inch photo attached; and applicant’s signature above the provided line on the form;
  2. Completed applicant’s Qualification Declaration Form (Form KS. 02.10). This form must be completed by the applicant from page 1 to page 4. After completion, the school director must verify its accuracy and should affix his/her signature on page 5 to affirm that the license holder meets the qualification for license renewal;
  3. Copy of documents or evidence of the performance results of professional practice as specified in Section 2, Item 2.1 (pages 2 – 4 of the KS. 02.10 Form).  The performance results must include at least 3 different activities that occur during the license’s period of validity;
  4. Copy of all the used pages of the teacher’s passport; preferably the photo page and present Non-B Visa page;
  5. Copy of all the used pages of the teacher’s work permit;
  6. Copy of the current teaching license;
  7. Copy of educational certificate (Diploma) along with official transcripts of records ;
  8. Two 1 X 1.25 inch half-length, full face photographs in which the applicant is facing the camera directly; wearing formal clothing without hat and sunglasses; taken against plain, blue or white background and taken within the last six months (Do not wear a t-shirt or tank top, no smile)
    *Scanned Polaroid and photographs printed on an inkjet printer are unacceptable.
    *One photograph should be attached/glued to the application form (KS. 02) in the designated space and place another one in a small zippered plastic bag and staple it to the form.
  9. Payment receipt for license renewal fee: 200 Baht

Important Reminder:  All copies of original documents being submitted must be certified as true copies of the original by the applicant or the authorized person.

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7 thoughts on “How to renew Teaching License in Thailand

  1. “present reasonable/authentic documentation of not less than 3 professional development activities during the 5-year validity period of the license”

    What are some specific examples of three things people have used?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      These documentation are basically certificates for attending/organizing seminars or professional developments. Certification of training students for competitions are also accepted.

  2. There are rumors that you need to have done the LET Test back in Philippines to get the 5-year teacher’s license in Thailand. Is that true? Or is any B.Ed. still good enough?

  3. Hi, do you know how early can I renew my 5-year license? My license expires in October, can I renew it as early as 8 months before it expires? Thanks for help.

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