Sunset in Palawan

Reminiscing the Sunset in Palawan


I miss the Sunset in Palawan.

At times like these when this pandemic forces us to stay at home, we can only painfully reminisce the memories of the past summers.

April 2019. EL Nido, Palawan

It was my second time in El Nido but it still gave me the chills of a first timer. The islands teeming with lush greenery and jagged cliffs are definitely picture-perfect at every angle. One won’t run out of shots to take except when the battery runs out. It can get frustrating sometimes. There’s just too many views to take, you can’t get enough of them.

The clear waters that keep changing its colors as you go deeper and deeper into it is simply comparable to none. Imagine this: from clear green to darker green to blue. No one can resist dipping into them. Its finest white sands are excellent for a morning or afternoon walk on barefoot.

Then there’s the sunset in Palawan.

These photos were taken at Lio Beach Resort. Before we headed to our hostel in El Nido,  we took a short stop over at this beautiful resort to catch the imminent sunset. We weren’t disappointed. It was one of the best parts of that voyage. The view of the sunset was breathtaking.

To say that the sunset in Palawan was magnificent is an understatement. I won’t even try to describe it lest I would do it injustice. My words are limited and I don’t have the skill of a prolific writer. Allow these photographs to tell you how majestic it was.

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” – Kristen Butler

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