TAT targets locals for its major campaign next year


THAILAND. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has set out a major plan to urge locals to travel in 2023.

TAT is slated to launch “Thais can visit amazing Thailand in 365 Days” in an effort to boost domestic tourism through tailored campaign themes for each of the five regions.

The department forecast at least 117 million to 135 million local trips, expected to generate between 670 billion and 880 billion baht in revenue from an estimated average of 4,200–4,800 baht per trip.

TAT said it plans to create distinctive promotional campaigns for each region, highlighting its characteristics and charms.

The North will promote its historical attractions across several provinces, targeting multi-generation families under the theme, “Charming History of the North.” The Central region will target young travelers by focusing on trendy tourist attractions and eco-tourism locations. The Northeast, on the other hand, aims to lure Gen-Y travelers and working people by boosting religious, natural, and cultural heritage in its 20 provinces.


Meanwhile, the East will capitalize on seafood and luxury tourism to attract Gen-Y travelers, high spenders, and millennial families.

The South will also focus its campaign on food, with an emphasis on authentic southern cuisine to cater to foodies who prefer bold and spicy tastes.

The main goal of the campaign, based on the “REAL” strategy, is to encourage Thai people to “take a trip whenever they want, thus making every day a high season.”

The acronym REAL stands for “Responsible Tourism, Extraordinary Experience, Avant-Garde Marketing and Less for More Economy.”

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