The Most Important Lesson 2019 Taught Me

The Most Important Lesson 2019 Taught Me


The year 2019 taught me the most important lesson: that there is value in waiting. Oftentimes, we want instant results and immediate gratification, but bigger things come to those who wait.

In March 2015, I decided to invest in a condominium unit. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing that happened that year. In April, I exhausted my savings for the renovation of our house and for several summer trips. After I returned to Thailand the following month, I needed to rush back home because my father had passed away. Then, I fell victim to a fraudulent gold investment scheme when I came back from my father’s burial.


I struggled financially. I had to start saving from scratch all over again while my bills remained the same, doubled even. To be able to pay the loans I incurred, I needed to cut my leisure trips, reduce my visits to shopping malls, and curtail unnecessary expenditures. I had to go through all this while nursing my emotional distress over the loss of my father.

On several occasions, I wanted to let go of that condo unit. It came to a point when I intentionally skipped paying the monthly deposit. I was full of frustration, self-doubt, and overwhelming disgruntlement. Thankfully, there were people who encouraged me with their words that sustained me through those moments. My friends uplifted me with their taps on my shoulders while saying “Kaya ra lage na“. I saw a flicker of hope when I was told, “Alkansya lang gyud na, Cher.”

Fruits of labor

So I waited. I struggled, but I continued to wait. While I was wrapping up my summer vacation in Cebu last year, I received an email that said my unit was already set for turn-over. I’ll always remember April 2019 as the month I first harvested the fruits of my labor.

On the day when SMDC gave me the key for my unit in Shore Residences, I also received a full year’s contract payment from my unit’s tenant. The four gruelling years of wearisome waiting have finally paid off. It was a moment worthy of celebration.

Ah, this is what I’ve worked for throughout these years.” It was a speech-worthy occasion. If only I had an audience. If only Papa Ensoy and Mama Toria were there to witness that event.

The year 2019 didn’t only teach me that important lesson about “waiting”, it also turned my life quite a bit. I developed discipline, self-control, patience, and perseverance. I nurtured the will-power to put my needs forward over my wants, and I’m always thankful that I went through those excruciating struggles because their fruits are sweeter.

Meanwhile, 2020 is at hand. It surely has its share of important lesson or lessons to learn. And I look forward to embracing them wholeheartedly, for no matter what this year throws in front of me, 2019 has already prepared me to be calm and patiently wait.

“But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

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