Cafes in Phitsanulok

Top 10 Cafes in Phitsanulok You Shouldn’t Miss


I really love visiting different places and cafes. When I came to Thailand, I captured every moment and collected memories through photos. This led me to finally try blogging.

What better way to share than cafes and places, which are plentiful in Thailand?

Here are the top 10 cafes in Phitsanulok you should never miss.

10. Pi Cafe

Cafes in Phitsanulok

This is my top 10th pick for your must-visit cafes in Phitsanulok.

A chic rustic cafe you’ll find just near the intersection of walking street market of Phitsanulok.

This cafe has wooden accent/furnishings which gives it a classy touch. It has an aesthetic cozy spot at the end corner of the cafe, which fairly gives a private atmosphere from the outside.

This cafe has many dessert options to offer. And aside from different coffee selections, there are also lots of other good-tasting drinks to choose from.

Btw, if you’re a felinophile, I’m sure you’ll love this place. You might come across a cute fur ball who looks exactly like Garfield. Say hello to em for me, please.

Coffee Shop

9. Finally Coffee Co.

Cafes in Phitsanulok
Finally Coffee

Finally, a cafe you need for your daily coffee run. It’s located at the center of the town, corner of the building near the night market.

They are open at 8.00 in the morning, so you can just easily drop by if you need a quick morning drink to fuel your day.

You’d also love taking pictures here with its loft-style aesthetic.

They offer various drinks, and satisfying homemade pastries and snacks you can choose from at the shop.

Delicious Treat
Finally Coffee

8. Hidden Hole Cafe

Cafes in Phitsanulok
Hidden Hole Cafe

Up for something peculiar?

Visit this unique coffee shop found inside a hole.

The first time I heard about this shop, I immediately wanted to visit. I found it so interesting. It reminds me of the movie, Alice in Wonderland, where she was brought into a different world inside a hole.

I love the concept of this shop. You wouldn’t expect to find a small cafe inside because it’s hidden behind a wall. The only way to get in is through the hole. How unique is that?

When you get in, you’ll find like an old pavilion, that’s where the shop stands. It’s like a jungle, with trees and woods. It also feels like you’re camping – it’s really chill. It isn’t that hot too since the trees shade the whole area from the sun.

Their drinks are a must try! They have various coffee beans available. We tried the fruity-tasting beans, and we loved it. I also loved their Cocoa with some Cocoa bits as sinkers of the drink.

Treasure Box
Hidden Hole Cafe

7. A-Kong Cafe

Cafes in Phitsanulok
A-Kong Cafe

Here’s one of the cafes in Phitsanulok, you must try.

Finally got to visit A-Kong Cafe! Chinese style, but make it modern and vibrant.

I love their interior, and the pop of colors – really eye-catching and fun!

The inside is quite spacious, and there are available seats outside too. You’ll also find many cute corners to take pictures at – both inside and outside.

The menu includes Chinese meals and desserts. We ordered the Chinese fried dough bun with milk and pandan dipping, and it was delicious! We also ordered their lemon iced tea and cocoa – they were all good.

A-Kong Cafe

6. Saboten Café – サボテン

Cafes in Phitsanulok
Saboten Cafe

Here’s another minimalist cafe in town. It’s a Japanese inspired, muji themed cafe located just right at the heart of Phitlok.

But here’s what’s special about it – this isn’t your typical cafe. Would you guess it’s a wash and dry shop too? Never thought a wash and dry shop could be this pretty, cozy and homey – making laundry day more chill. Just load up the washer, then sit and sip your favorite drink while waiting for the laundry to finish.

They offer coffee and non coffee drinks. I ordered cocoa, and loved its sweet and rich blend.

Add this to your cafe crawl list!

Refreshing Treat
Saboten Cafe

5. Atelier Home Cafe

Cafes in Phitsanulok
Atelier Home Cafe

An old house turned into a cafe? How cool is that!

And what’s even cooler is their indie style – perfect for art lovers, and those who love the old school vibe.

In Atelier Home Cafe, you’ll find artistic paintings and vintage furnishings decorated all around. The cafe also has a mini art exhibit. They conduct one-day art classes too!

Their delicious pastries are all homemade. Their drinks are also good – I loved their cocoa mint drink most. Above all, the cafe has good quality coffee beans roasted by the owners themselves.

Cafes in Phitsanulok
Atelier Home Cafe

Let’s take a pause for now. I’ll share the rest of the must try cafes in  Phitsanulok in my next post.

If you want to read more of my latest cafe/coffee crawls in the Philippines (Yes, you read that right, I’m back here for good!), please like and follow me here: Hello 24.

See you in the part two!

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