Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

Top 10 Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok (Part 2)


Here’s the second part of my top must-visit cafes in Phitsanulok.

In case you missed the first part, here’s the link: Top 10 Cafes in Phitsanulok You Shouldn’t Miss.

4. Prom Surf Slow Bar and Bakery

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

Here’s a pop-up cafe that I’ve always wanted to visit since I’ve heard of it. Its cool style and location have really caught my attention.

Promsurf_ is a coffee slow-bar and bakery that’s located by a beautiful fish pond just around the town of Phitsanulok. This pop-up cafe has a relaxing view which makes it the perfect place to laze around or spend the day-off if you want a change of scenery.

What I love about this place is that you get to admire the placid view while enjoying their good-tasting food and drinks.

Promsurf Slow-bar has both coffee and non coffee beverages. They also offer tasty snacks and pastries. We ordered iced mocha, iced cocoa, and iced thai tea. I personally loved their iced thai tea.

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

3. Nice Diner Cafe

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

Let’s go back in time with this neon-retro themed cafe.

This cafe features bright wall colors, paintings, and neon lights that will surely live up your 80s spirit.

Nice Diner Cafe offers various western-style food dishes. And if you’re a sweet tooth, this cafe would surely satisfy you, for their milkshakes and ice cream menu definitely taste the best!

Bring back your nostalgic moods, and dine in at Nice Dinerไนซ์-ไดเนอร์ cafe!

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

2. Owny House

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

I  found another cute cafe in town! And it’s a unique one because of its homey-feels concept.

Ownyhouse Cafe is designed with furniture you usually find at home. They have couches, round table, and other wooden furniture. What’s more, they have a mini shop inside their cafe where they sell clothes, and other cute random stuff!

Their food and drinks are all good-tasting. We ordered their recommended drink, Ownyla. It has coffee, milk, and vanilla ice cream – it’s really good!

Their cookies are a must-try too! They taste as good as they look. They’re chewy and tasty. Too bad we weren’t able to try their S’mores cookie since it sold out quickly.

Must-Visit Cafes in Phitsanulok

Before I’ll reveal the top of my list, here are two of my honorable mentions:

  • Nord Cafe

A relaxing cafe to visit. Nord cafe is surrounded by beautiful rice field that’s a perfect view for golden hour. It also features a clean minimalist nordic style, as you can assume from its name.

This cafe not only has drinks and snacks, but they also have various meals to choose from. They have rice meals, pasta, and pizzas – all good-tasting! If you haven’t visited yet, let’s come and chill at Nord Cafe.

Cafe in Phitsanulok

  • Neko Taiyaki

Japansese-themed Cafe

This is a new Japanese-themed coffee shop in town. This cafe may be small but it can take you to Japan streets in snaps.

They serve matcha drinks *with a twist*. I ordered their Matcha Coco, and for someone who isn’t into Matcha drinks, I find it really good and tasty.

Don’t miss their snacks too!! They’re very delicious! Pair your matcha drink with their Japanese fish cakes. There are various fillings to choose from. All so yummy!!

Japanese-themed Cafe

1. 175 Slow Bar Cafe

175 Slow Bar Cafe

This was the last cafe I’ve visited in Phitsanulok before my flight back to the Philippines.

This cafe looks like one of those fairytale houses you see in movies. It’s small and very pretty.

For someone who loves fairytales, and dainty things, I knew I needed to visit this cafe before going back to the Philippines.

It even has a garden, and you can have picnic at the backyard. So cute!

They have delicious snacks, and drinks – coffee, non coffee, smoothies, and tea. I ordered one of their specialties, Ice Fruity Lemon Fresh, and I loved the balance of the sourness/fruitiness from the lemon, and bitterness from the coffee.

175 Slow Bar

Phitsanulok province may not be as bustling as other cities in Thailand, but it is home to many coffee lovers like me.

I have been to at least a hundred shops in my three years there, but believe me, there are still many more must-visit cafes in Phitsanulok that I haven’t had the chance to explore.

I’ll be back for sure, but for the mean time, you can check out my latest coffee/cafe crawls here in the Philippines at this site: Hello 24.

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